Rafel Lucea

Title: Assistant Professor of International Business
Department: International Business
Address: Funger Hall 401C
Phone: 202-994-7303
Email: rafel@gwu.edu
Office Hours: Spring 2014: By appointment



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. (Strategy & International Management); Carnegie-Mellon University, MA (Public Policy and Management); ESADE, Barcelona, Spain, MBA; Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain, BBA

Rafael Lucea is an assistant professor of International Business at The George Washington University School of Business. His teaching ranges from introductory courses on international business to advanced courses on global strategic management.

Professor Lucea's research is primarily focused on the management of a firm's non-market environment and its influence on the firm's performance. The non-market environment of a firm is conceived as the set of relationships, confrontational or collaborative, that it establishes with actors such as governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), or local communities. Because the actions carried out by these non-market actors increasingly span multiple country borders, the appropriate level of analysis of this phenomenon is the global arena. In contrast with the existing structural approaches to the study of this phenomenon, Professor Lucea focuses on the role that cognition plays in the interaction between firms and their non-market counterparts.

International Strategy, Non-Market Strategy, Firms-NGOs relationships

Current Research:
Strategic interaction between firms and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); Conceptualization of global non-market environments; Managerial perception of market and non-market environments; NGOs as cross-border organizations: their strategies and organizational forms

Other Professional Experience:
Lucea is a member of the Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, and the Strategic Management Society.


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